Our operationsOur employees are enabling Team Olivia to grow

Our employees are enabling Team Olivia to grow

Our employees’ competencies and commitment are crucial for delivering good quality and satisfied customers and for developing good care services.

Local personnel work

In Team Olivia’s independent subsidiaries, personnel questions are a natural and integrated part of the operations. Recruitment of the right people is fundamental to maintaining high quality. Therefore each individual company must be an attractive employer, which creates the right conditions for its personnel to feel happy and develop at work. The subsidiaries have a responsibility for noticing and considering psychological, social and physical conditions in the working environment. Team Olivia works actively on being a healthy organisation through health and wellness training, various initiatives to promote good health, sound leadership, and by working to prevent and avoid health risks at the workplace.

Group support

The Group develops overall working methods and follows up the personnel work. We offer support relating to employee questions, in the form of tools and policies, which can be adapted to the local operations. This helps our companies in their work relating to the working environment, diversity and equality, recruitment and introduction, development and wages. In order to encourage collaboration and exchange of knowledge, we arrange CEO meetings, manager days, finance meetings as well as HR and lawyer networking events at a Group level.

Code of Conduct and diversity

Our Code of Conduct clarifies our ethical values and provides guidance in the day-to-day work for all employees. As a major employer, we also consider that one of our tasks is to participate and help bring people from different backgrounds and circumstances into the labour market.

Leadership and skills development

Good and strong leadership provides the right basis for satisfied employees and customers. Our overall leadership training provides managers at different levels in our Nordic companies with the chance to develop their management skills, network and together build strong leadership.

Continual skills development is meeting the increasing demands for professionalism and proficiency in the care sector. The Group coordinates the introduction programme and guidance for new employees and gives employees the opportunity to participate in regular training in order to keep updated about changes to legislation, rules and new working methods.

Satisfied employees

We conduct a common employee survey in all subsidiaries. The Group measures and follows up three common questions. Other questions are asked and followed up by each subsidiary. The selected indicators should help create high quality in the operations. We are satisfied with the outcome and our goal is naturally to achieve even better results and response rates in next year’s survey.