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Group Management

Ola Klingenborg

CEO and President since March 2019.

Education: Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business Administration

Previous positions: Regional Vice President Northern Europe of Clear Channel, CEO of Clear Channel Sweden, leading positions within the Bonnier Group and Management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Markku Onnela

CFO since November 2016.

Education: MSc in business administration

Previous positions: CFO of Jensen education AB, CFO of Proffice AB and Nordic CFO of McDonalds.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Carina Wessman

Head of Personal Assistance since October 2018.

Education: Studies in market economics and Master of business administration

Previous positions: CEO of Assistansbolaget i Sverige AB, CEO of Varnumhälsan, Marketing and Sales Manager of Alna Sverige AB and Haluxa AB.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Stefan Lahti

Head of Individual & Family including LSS homes Sweden since 2015.

Education: Studies in management and studies in social law

Previous positions: CEO of Misa AB, region manager of Alvia AB, Director FAB operations of Infineon Technologies AG and various positions within the Ericsson group.

Other current assignments/positions: Board member of Attention Utbildning AB.

Åsa Walderik

Head of Home Care Sweden and Quality/Sustainability Manager since 2017.

Education: Nurse

Previous positions: Procuct manager of Pharmacia & Upjohn, operations manager and regional manager of Förenade Care AB, regional manager of Solhagagruppen and regional manager of Nytida.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Morten Nybakk

Head of Norway since May 2018.

Education: Bachelor of Social Work. Personnel development and management, health management, supervision and coaching.

Previous positions: Growth and development manager of Aberia Healthcare, CEO of Tiltak for ungdom (youth) – Agder, and CEO of Tiltaksgruppen.

Other current assignments/positions:

Jan Wilken

Head of Denmark since 2014.

Education: MSc in business administration

Previous positions: CEO of Elite Miljø A/S and COO of Compass Group A/S.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Ann Surtell

Head of HR since april 2019.

Education: Stockholm University

Previous positions: Group Head of HR of RNB Retail and Brands AB, Nordic Head of HR of Forex Bank AB, Head of HR at (VPC AB) Euroclear.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Adam Nerell

Head of IT since 2015.

Education: MSc in computer and systems sciences

Previous positions: Head of IT at Helsa Vårdutveckling Sverige AB.

Other current assignments/positions: –