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Group Management

Dan Olsson

Born 1965. CEO and President since 2015.

Education: Studies in economics

Previous positions: CEO and President of Helsa Vårdutveckling Sverige AB and CEO of Unilabs SA. Previously also, among other things, board member of Accolab Ltd., senior vice president and business area manager of Capio Diagnostics and member of the group management of Capio AB.

Other current assignments/positions: Chairman of the Board of Purch AB and Board member of Integrated Diagnostics Holding Plc.

Markku Onnela

Born 1959. CFO since November 2016.

Education: MSc in business administration

Previous positions: CFO of Jensen education AB, CFO of Proffice AB and Nordic CFO of McDonalds.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Åsa Walderik

Born in 1965. Head of Home Care Sweden and Quality/Sustainability Manager since 2017.

Education: Nurse

Previous positions: Procuct manager of Pharmacia & Upjohn, operations manager and regional manager of Förenade Care AB, regional manager of Solhagagruppen and regional manager of Nytida.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Stefan Lahti

Born 1965. Head of Individual & Family including LSS homes Sweden since 2015.

Education: Studies in management and studies in social law

Previous positions: CEO of Misa AB, region manager of Alvia AB, Director FAB operations of Infineon Technologies AG and various positions within the Ericsson group.

Other current assignments/positions: Board member of Attention Utbildning AB.

Carina Wessman

Born 1962. Head of Personal Assistance since October 2018.

Education: Studies in market economics and Master of business administration

Previous positions: CEO of Assistansbolaget i Sverige AB, CEO of Varnumhälsan, Marketing and Sales Manager of Alna Sverige AB and Haluxa AB.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Morten Nybakk

Born in 1974. Head of Norway since May 2018.

Education: Bachelor of Social Work. Personnel development and management, health management, supervision and coaching.

Previous positions: Growth and development manager of Aberia Healthcare, CEO of Tiltak for ungdom (youth) – Agder, and CEO of Tiltaksgruppen.

Other current assignments/positions:

Jan Wilken

Born 1968. Head of Denmark since 2014.

Education: MSc in business administration

Previous positions: CEO of Elite Miljø A/S and COO of Compass Group A/S.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Adam Nerell

Born 1977. Head of IT since 2015.

Education: MSc in computer and systems sciences

Previous positions: Head of IT at Helsa Vårdutveckling Sverige AB.

Other current assignments/positions: –

Johan Vikström

Born 1975. Head of M&A since 2014.

Education: MSc in business administration

Previous positions: Board member of Tiltaksgruppen AS (presently part of the Humana group). Previously also various positions within PricewaterhouseCoopers AB and acquisition manager of Frösunda Omsorg AB.

Other current assignments/positions: –