Our operationsRespect for the individual

Respect for the individual

Our most important mission is to create value for the individuals we are here for. We believe that qualitative care arises in the personal meeting between customers and employees at a local level.

Responsibility for the individual

Team Olivia safeguards individual solutions, while building a group-wide safety net with quality in focus. We achieve this by working methodically with improvements, both locally and collectively at a Group level. Team Olivia wants to take overall responsibility in relation to our customer – the individual. One example is our Care chains concept for addiction problems, where Team Olivia takes overall responsibility from the start of care until the transition phase. This helps to ensure a successful return to society.

We also safeguard the privacy of customers. This means that we comply with applicable laws, good business practice and ethical industry standards. All of our employees are subject to a statutory duty of confidentiality and also have a duty to report any impropriety or risk of impropriety. Team Olivia has a data protection officer, who is responsible, among things, for ensuring that we comply with the prevailing rules in the area as well as internal policies and guidelines.

Satisfied customers

We conduct a group-wide customer survey and asked our customers how they perceive the quality of our services. Based on legislation, we investigated three main indicators, which are important for the individual customer. The outcome showed a high level of customer satisfaction, which gives us a good basis to build on and a high level of ambition going forward.