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The Norwegian goverment and the municipalities have a shared responsibility for administration of the Norwegian Child Welfare Act.


The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs. The Norwegian central organ for administration and operation of child care.


The Norwegian authority for Children, Youth and Family Affairs consists of five regional offices and provides housing and family homes based on municipal needs.

User-controlled personal assistance

Brukerstyrt personlig assistanse in Norway and Borgerstyrt personlig assistance in Denmark. The user who is granted user-controlled personal assistance is entitled to decide himself/herself how the assistance should be organised and who should perform it.


Person who receives or who is under consideration to receive, individual means-tested care from the social services.


Homes for care or housing. Treatment centres that receive individuals for care or treatment in combination with housing. This can be children and young people who for various reasons cannot live with their families, and adults with different social problems who need care and support concerning their own housing.


The Health and Social Care Inspectorate. The Health and Social Care Inspectorate’s main tasks include the responsibility for supervising and processing applications for permits in health care, social services and activities under the Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS).

Lex Maria

A provision in the Swedish Patient Safety Act prescribing an obligation on care providers to report events to IVO that have resulted, or could have resulted, in severe injury.

Lex Sarah

A provision in the Swedish Social Services Act (Sw. Socialtjänstlagen) prescribing an obligation on a person performing duties within social services or who is employed at the Swedish National Board of Institutional Care (Sw. Statens Institutionsstyrelse) to report immediately to IVO in the event he or she notices or becomes aware of any abuse or clear risk of abuse concerning a person who receives, or may be considered for, help within the operations.


The Swedish Public Procurement Act.


The Swedish Freedom of Choice Act. LOV governs what should apply for the municipalities and country councils that want to subject municipal and county council activities to competition by transferring the choice of provider of support, nursing and care services to the user or patient.


Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments. LSS is a so-called rights law and the aim of the Act is that people with functional impairments should receive the support needed to live as independent a life as possible.

Fixed Reimbursement

For 2020, the hourly rate of assistance allowance in Sweden amounted to 304,30 SEK, an increase of 1.5%.


The Swedish Social Services Act (Sw. socialtjänstlagen). Constitutes omnibus legislation concerning social services in Sweden and contains rules governing, among other things, home care, HVB and elderly care. The act is aimed at promoting the economic and social security of individuals, equality in living conditions, and active participation in society.