About Team OliviaOur decentralised model

Our decentralised model

Team Olivia’s strength lies in combining the small company’s flexibility, local entrepreneurship, dedicated employees and proximity with the large organisation’s resources, network and financial endurance.

Our operations are based on decisions being taken close to our customers where there is greatest understanding for their needs. We believe this results in more effective and higher quality care. By having the customer’s needs in focus, we build the foundation for a long-term relationship.

Local companies

The businesses we acquire have usually been established locally for a long time and enjoy close and long-term relationships with their customers and with social welfare officers, care buyers, managers and politicians in their respective municipality. Our care contractors are the driving force in our local companies. They develop their operations based on a strong personal commitment, local conditions and under their own brand. In this way, we retain a small-scale feeling and create flexibility and the ability to adapt our operations to the particular individual’s needs.

To make this possible, we have created a decentralised model with carefully chosen central support functions and coordination in focus.

Business areas

The subsidiaries are grouped under different business areas based on the type of business conducted. Each business area offers the possibility of

  • system support for planning, quality and follow-up
  • competence networks and meetings for company CEOs
  • collaboration among various businesses in order to improve quality and develop competitive joint offers

Each business area has a business area management team with responsibility for HR, operations, quality and sustainability, risk management, business and service development and acquisitions.

Group-wide functions

At Group level, we support companies with the following:

  • strategic planning
  • HR and leadership
  • communication
  • financial resources
  • quality and sustainability strategies
  • IT and procurement
  • business development

The goal is that our local contractors should feel strong local ownership while being able to take advantage of the benefits of being part of a larger group. Through professional networks, we also nurture the strengths and competitive advantages provided by Team Olivia’s subsidiaries.