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Our history

Team Olivia was founded in 2001 by Karsten and Åsa Inde, with the vision of giving people a full and stimulating life, regardless of functional impairment or other vulnerable situation. Over the years, we have grown both organically and by acquiring companies that supplement our operations. Team Olivia is today one of the largest private care companies in the Nordic region, with a main focus on personal assistance.


Team Olivia is initially established by Karsten and Åsa Inde as a staffing company under the name Olivia Bemanning & Utveckling. The operations subsequently develop around the cornerstones of personal assistance, care, rehabilitation and elderly care.


Olivia Personal Assistance is established in Norrköping and Linköping.


Olivia Elderly Care begins operations in Stockholm.


The private equity house Procuritas acquires 60 percent of the shares in Team Olivia. With Procuritas as majority owner, Team Olivia’s growth journey intensifies. In the same year, Nordström Assistans is acquired as well as three elderly care companies.


The two companies Assistansbolaget in Örebro and Inre Kraft in Boden are acquired, both in personal assistance.


The care businesses Viljan Asperger Centrum and Viljan friskola in Ramnäs are acquired. Olivia Rehabilitation is established in Danderyd. Olivia Care starts four LSS and HVB housing units.


The Group changes its name to Team Olivia AB. During the year, three companies are acquired in personal assistance; Rehabassistans in Sweden, Assistanslotsen and Assistansservice in Östergötland. In care, Kungsängen in Nora is acquired. Five LSS housing units and two HVB housing units for unaccompanied children are established.


Team Olivia enters the Danish market by acquiring HandicapHjaelp. In Sweden, two companies are acquired in the care segment; Sävik Behandlingshem in Säter and the LSS housing unit Klaragården AB in Väderstad and also the elderly care company CJs ledsagarservice is acquired in Stockholm.


Seven companies in total are acquired in Sweden. Two in personal assistance; Aktiv Assistans i Norr in Umeå and RTFL in Skärholmen. Three in care (LSS/HVB); Bills Bo & Utbildningsgård in Skärplinge, Tallkullen in Katrineholm and CVO along with Kajan Friskola in Uppsala. In addition, Magitaskolan in Stockholm is acquired.


12 acquisitions are carried out. Team Olivia establishes itself in Norway in personal assistance and youth care through the acquisitions of AssisterMeg in Bergen and Oslo as well as BOenheten in Oslo and Olivia Norge in Ski. In Sweden, nine companies are acquired, of which three are in personal assistance, five in care as well as the elderly care company Hemservice in Halland.


Team Olivia strengthens its position further in Sweden and Norway through six acquisitions. In Sweden, AAT is acquired in personal assistance. In care, Pär Sonesson in Stockholm is acquired and Ambass in Norrköping, Säviq Kvinnobehandling in Borlänge as well as the elderly care company Orrens Vård & Omsorg in Nacka. In Norway, the two care companies Vesterled and Solhaugen Miljøhjem are acquired.


Team Olivia strengthens its position in Denmark through the acquisition of Focus People with operations in personal assistance in Jutland and Funen. In Norway, the care companies Hugin Barnevernstiltak, Kletten Fjellgård and Connexa Barnevern are acquired. In Sweden, Nudax Rehab, Solviken, Backebo, MTG Omsorg and Annas Assistans, together with its subsidiary Assistansliv, are acquired.


Team Olivia acquires Villa Björkudden, a LSS home outside Örebro in Sweden focusing on Asperger. The two schools Magitaskolan and Kajan Friskola are divested as part of refocusing Team Olivia’s school operations against school combined with care housing. In Denmark, Søbæksskolen och Opholds- og Bostederne Søbæk are acquired offering care and group housing combiend with school and day treatment.


Team Olivia acquires OP Assistans that conducts personal assistance in Ockelbo, Sandviken och Gävle. Olivia Hemtjänst takes over the elderly care company Camillas Hemtjänst och Service i Upplands Väsby AB and strengthens  Team Olivias presence in the Stockholm region. In LSS, Team Olivia aquires Omsorg Norr with the LSS homes Rökebo and Alborga, outside Sandviken and Gävle.


Olivia Hemomsorg takes over the operation of Vionord’s business and thereby expands to Nyköping, Katrineholm and Strängnäs. Team Olivia appoints Ola Klingenborg as new President and CEO.