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Our operations Sweden

Team Olivia has a strong position in the Swedish market within both personal assistance and individual/family care services including LSS housing. In Sweden, Team Olivia also offers elderly care.

Personal assistance

In Personal assistance, we offer nursing, care and services to persons with physical or mental functional impairments who remain living at home. The assistance aims to enable the individual to live as independent a life as possible and includes everything from basic needs for coping with everyday life to social intercourse and activities. The care needs may be of a more complex nature and even involve custodianship or rehabilitation.

We want to create a rewarding and interesting everyday life for our customers where good personal chemistry also creates the basis for mutual satisfaction. Therefore it is important that the personal assistance activities are based on the customer’s individual situation, circumstances and wishes. Participation and influence are at the core of Team Olivia’s operations and we place great importance on finding the right care assistants.

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Individual & family and LSS homes

Care includes several types of operations such as care homes in accordance with LSS, HVB and treatment, and special support schools. All the operations help people who find themselves in various types of vulnerable situations.

HVB and treatment

Our treatment centres consist mainly of HVB (homes for care and housing) units with SoL permits mainly focused on persons with drug and alcohol addictions and various forms of comorbidity, in the context of mental illness. We also offer HVB as well as emergency and family homes.

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LSS homes

Our care housing is concentrated towards LSS (Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments) and SoL (Swedish Social Services Act), for individuals with physical or mental disabilities who are in need of day-to-day support. Team Olivia provides specialist housing in with placement is based on age, gender, degree of care need and similar factors. The housing may be structured in different ways. For example group homes in which the residents have their own apartments and common areas with personnel availability around the clock. The housing may also be structured as a service home, which is a midway solution between an independent dwelling in one’s own department and an apartment in a group home.

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Special support schools

The schools are operated at a compulsory and upper secondary school level and cater for children with special needs. All our operations are characterised by proximity and accessibility in a stimulating environment with the particular individual in focus.

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Collaboration chains

Team Olivia also offer comprehensive and needs-adapted collaboration chains in the care field. The Care Chain concept, comprising a number of specialised HVB and family homes offers a coherent value chain for treatment of individuals suffering from various types of substance abuse.

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Home care

Our companies in elderly care offer care, services and attendant services, for example to the elderly and persons with functional impairments. Our employees’ efforts allow people with special needs to maintain a good quality of everyday life even if they continue living at home.

The efforts are pedagogically designed and individually-adapted based on customer needs and abilities in order to provide qualitative and secure care in the person’s own home. The individual receives help with everyday chores and household-related services. This includes a tax deduction on household services and help in getting to and from various activities. The goal is that the individual should be able to remain living at home while maintaining a good quality of everyday life. We also offer relief for persons who care for a relative that is sick or has a functional impairment. Our customers’ private homes are often our employees’ workplaces and the value of our service arises in the meeting with our customers.

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