About Team OliviaOur promise and values

Our promise and values

As we are one of the larger care operators, there are high expectations of us – both from those who use our services and from ourselves. We want to be perceived as an innovative and skilled nursing and care company, which helps to improve welfare services for our customers and for society as a whole.

Team Olivia’s promise

“We make life better.”

Team Olivia provides professional nursing and care services to people with functional impairments or who are in other vulnerable situations. Our ambition is to be an innovative and skilled care company, and a natural first choice – both for our customers and for society in general.

Core values

In achieving our promise, Team Olivia’s core values are the pillars of our corporate culture and our efforts. Our values are based on human equality and this is always present in everything we do:


We have to be knowledgeable and professional in everything we do. We ensure this through continual skills development work.


Our customers are often in a disadvantaged position. Therefore it is important that we support our care recipients in all situations and treat them with respect and empathy.

Driving forces and corporate culture

We believe that nursing and care work best when decisions are taken close to our users and customers. Our entrepreneurs operate and develop the business under local brands. This creates diversity and freedom of choice and also helps to improve welfare services. In this way, Team Olivia acts as a greenhouse for nursing and care entrepreneurs. We combine the small company’s dedication, flexibility and proximity with the large organisation’s resources, network and resilience. The corporate culture is also characterised by a strong focus on entrepreneurship, decentralised management and coordination – in order to develop and strengthen our offering. Our employees are authorised and encouraged to take responsibility while we aim to ensure that our shared values pervade the operations.