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Quality goals

The aim of Team Olivia’s quality and sustainability work is to create added value for our customers, ensure that laws and regulations are followed, as well as visualize, use and develop the quality work undertaken in our operations.

Team Olivia defines and follows up the Group’s goals on an annual basis.

Goals 2018 Follow-up Outcome 2018
Conduct care, nursing and instruction according to current legislation. The business areas follow up through customised own checks in the companies. The Group follows up and maintains a register of Lex Sarah and Lex Maria reports (reporting of irregularities in health care and social care in Sweden) and equivalent more serious incidents in Norway and Denmark. A register is also maintained of the company’s contacts with public authorities in connection with complaints, supervisory and follow-up visits of the operations by authorities, permit applications and any police reports made by the companies.

Lex Sarah/equivalent:
Sweden: 25 reports of which the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) closed 20 without remarks, and 5 being processed.
Norway:  2 incidents closed without remark
Denmark: 1 incidents closed without remarks.

Lex Maria/equivalent:
Sweden: 1 report
Denmark: 5 incidents
All closed without remarks.

Contacts with public authorities:
Sweden 24 contacts;  Norway 24 contacts; Denmark 14 contacts. Of which; 31 were inspections/supervisory checks, 3 agreement follow-ups, 7 complaints, 2 cases relating to permit applications, 1 data protection report and 18 work-related injury reports All cases were closed but 6 being processed

Customers should perceive that the quality of the services is good.

Group-wide customer measurement including the indicators confidence, participation, positive impact.

In total 1,570 customers answered as follows on a five point scale, where 5 was highest:

I have confidence in my personnel.
4.5 (4.4)

I participate in the planning of my everyday life.
4.2 (4.3)

Team Olivia makes a positive contribution to my life/I am satisfied.
4.4 (4.3)

The services shall make a difference to customers’ lives.

The social services’ quality guarantees, customer survey and specific goals for what results Team Olivia’s operations provide. The impact goals vary depending on the customer group and service.