Our operationsHigh quality requirements in all areas

High quality requirements in all areas

Team Olivia believes that qualitative care arises in the personal meeting between individuals and employees at a local level and the customer’s experience of our services is at the core of our business.

Most aspects of our operations are evaluated and approved by public authorities and municipalities, which in itself is a stamp of quality. Public authorities make regular checks to ensure that quality requirements are complied with. But for us quality is much more than this. We are convinced that quality arises in the meeting between people, and we want to make a difference at all stages. Therefore we carefully safeguard the individual solutions in our quality work, while building a group-wide safety net with quality in focus. We achieve this by working methodically with improvements, both locally and at a Group level.

Quality in a decentralised organisation

In a decentralised organisation, our group-wide sustainability and quality goals provide cohesion in our work. The core quality work at Team Olivia consists of overall control and follow-up of the quality work. Among other things, this involves following up and further reporting on deviations, an incident that resulted in an injury to the customer or a near-accident, in other words an incident that could have caused an injury. We encourage our employees to report deviations in order to develop and improve our operations.

At a business area level, each area has its own methods and focus areas for quality work adapted to the business area’s target group and conditions. Each business area has its own quality organisation with one or more persons in charge.

Team Olivia also has a joint network, Quality Board, where quality managers from all business areas participate. This group is led by the Group’s Quality and Sustainability Director and meets regularly to develop goals, frameworks and tools.