About Team OliviaStrategy


Team Olivia has four main strategies for developing good care while creating value for our customers. This approach is based on our decentralised model involving strong local responsibility and commitment.

Team Olivia’s strategy is to continue growing through our decentralised model. This model attracts passionate care contractors that want to develop their businesses together with Team Olivia. We have displayed a good ability over time to identify, acquire and integrate new businesses. In this way, we have built up a strong platform for continuing to broaden and strengthen our offer in different markets.

1. Focus on the individual

Team Olivia’s model and organisation are strongly decentralised unlike many of our sector peers. The operations are conducted close to our customers where care decisions are also taken. The entrepreneurial spirit is a fundamental driving force for developing our core business with supplementary support from Team Olivia’s group-wide support functions and network along with a financial endurance.

2. Attract and retain the right employees

Good qualitative care depends on our employees acting with knowledge, respect, professionalism and empathy in the meeting with the customer. Our ability to identify, recruit and retain employees with the right skills, empathy for the individual and a strong drive to make a difference is therefore crucial.

3. Acquire and develop sustainable businesses

Our businesses strive to develop and broaden their offer on a long term basis in order to improve diversity and attract more customers. Sound profitability forms the basis for growth and continued investments. The free customer choice also contributes to improving the quality of our services, and we strive for excellent results in terms of customer satisfaction.

4. Collaborate for high quality and efficiency

The exchange of knowledge and collaboration among our business areas and subsidiaries is a strong driving force in ensuring high quality and efficiency. In this way, we identify and work with various improvements, learn from shared experiences and develop our services. We are broadening our offer geographically through collaborative chains, where various initiatives are adapted in terms of content.