PressPress releasesTeam Olivia acquires LSS housing Villa Björkudden

Team Olivia acquires LSS housing Villa Björkudden

Villa Björkudden has chosen to join Team Olivia. The acquisition strengthens Team Olivia’s operations and service offering within LSS housing and within the Örebro region.

Team Olivia has acquired Villa Björkudden which offers a LSS home focusing on Asperger for people over 18 in Gyttorp outside Örebro. Villa Björkudden has since it was founded in 2001, been owned and managed by Inger Eriksson and Lena Hennerdal, who have chosen to step down on their commitment and efforts and thus decided to give Team Olivia the confidence to continue to manage and develop the operations including the team of staff. Through the acquisition, Team Olivia broadens its offer within LSS housing. At the same time, the acquisition entails opportunities for further development of Villa Björkuddens operations as well as Team Olivia’s related operations and services. The acquisition was completed on May 18, 2017.

“We needed a partner who could take over the main responsibility to further develop our operations. Team Olivia’s subsidiary Kungsängen in Nora operates a similar qualitative LSS-home, and we gained a great deal of confidence in both their CEO Malene Smedberg and Team Olivia. We hope that Team Olivia can contribute with its overall experience and competence enabling continued qualitative care for our residents”, says Inger Eriksson and Lena Hennerdal.”

”Villa Björkuddens housing and daily activities are very well matched with our operations in Kungsängen in Nora. The business is highly influenced by the proximity and flexibility of the small company, which offers great opportunities to flourish under Team Olivia’s decentralized organizational structure. At the same time, we see that the operations have a potential to be further developed together with Kungsängen in Nora and with our business area Individual & family including LSS homes”, comments Malene Smedberg, CEO of Villa Björkudden.

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