About Team OliviaTeam Olivia in brief

Team Olivia in brief

Team Olivia is one of the largest private players in the care market in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Team Olivia consists of about 50 companies that offer services in personal assistance, care housing, treatment units, special assistance schools and home care.

  • The Group has grown sharply since it was founded in 2001, both organically and through acquisitions.
  • Through some 50 local brands, our subsidiaries operate close to their customers.
  • Our geographical markets are Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 70 percent of our net sales are generated in Sweden.
  • In Sweden, we are a leading operator in personal assistance and care services and we also conduct operations in home care.
  • In Norway, we are a leading operator in youth care and personal assistance and also offer adult care services.
  • In Denmark, we offer personal assistance and care and group accommodation combined with school and day care.
  • Team Olivia employs about 12,000 people, which is equivalent to around 7,700 full-time employees.