• The starting point for our operations is that care decisions should be taken close to the individual and based on knowledge of their needs and situation.

  • Team Olivia combines the small
    company’s flexibility, proximity
    to care recipients and local
    entrepreneurship with the large
    organisation’s resources,
    network and resilience.

Team Olivia

Team Olivia is one of the largest private operators offering care services in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The operations are conducted close to our customers where our companies are established under local brands in more than 200 business locations. Altogether we are more than 12,000 employees who aim to give people a full and stimulating life, based on their needs.

Our operations


In Sweden, Team Olivia offers care services in personal assistance, individual and family care including LSS homes special assistance schools, as well as home care. Sweden is Team Olivia’s largest market and we are one of the largest players in personal assistance.


In Norway, we offer youth care services (barnevern) – mainly various types of housing and family care for young people with special needs, which can also include treatment. We also offer adult care services. Team Olivia is also a leading provider of user-controlled personal assistance (Brukarstyrd Personlig Assistans).


Our operations in Denmark offer personal assistance through nursing and social care to children and adults. We also offer group and care housing integrated with school and day treatment for children and youth with special needs.

Collaboration care chains inspire confidence

Team Olivia offers municipalities and county councils comprehensive and needs-adapted care chains, which consist of a number of specialised HVB (care and housing), emergency and family home units targeted towards young people and children.

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